I got your E-mail from one of the strings I was copied on…I hope you don’t mind. I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for all you do for our kids. This was a wonderful experience for Alan, one that he’ll remember always… and as my husband puts it, tell his grand kids about. He really had a great time…you guys do great work. As a mom who saw her son going through this battle, I know I speak for all moms who have gone through this journey when I say that seeing the smiles and happiness on their faces is truly priceless and something to be cherished. Thanks again!

Tere Quintana(Alan’s mom)

My husband Ed and I were thrilled that Kyle was invited to the prom. He had some reservations because he never had much of a social life outside of the hospital. So he was hesitant to commit but after some prodding from us, the hospital nurses, Dr. Singer, and a few other patients, he decided he would check it out. He really wanted to bring a date but didn’t have a special someone. As you know things change from day-to-day for kids with cancer, and the day of the prom he decided he felt good enough to go. We are glad he did. From the moment Kyle arrived he was on. He was smiling the beautiful smile we all know and loved (tears). I remember his red carpet grin, the way he talked to the lovely ladies and managed a promise of a dance or two. He was happy to be amongst his peers. The fun began when the music began. Kyle danced the night away. He was a winner. I don’t recall if he even left the dance floor for some food. Every time I turned around he was dancing with another group of girls. On the way home, we reminisced about the whole night. Kyle was overwhelmed and had tears of joy the entire ride.

When we received the DVD of the memorable night I brought it up to Duke Hospital with me but unfortunately Kyle had already slipped into a coma. We played it for the staff in the Bone Marrow Unit and everyone agreed – Kyle was the “King” of the prom. They all thought he looked so handsome and was glad that he was offered such a great opportunity. I am so grateful to the Unforgettable Prom Foundation to have invited Kyle and we will treasure the memories.

Kathy PachecoMother of the late Kyle Pacheco

…one of the many awesome things is the music CD (provided that night) and DVD that they received. It continues to be invaluable support for the kids and their families. They ALL talk about it…Do know how you really are MAKING a DIFFERENCE not only in the kids lives, but their entire family. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! The kids are counting down the days until the next prom!!!

SamanthaPediatric Oncology Social Worker, Joe DiMaggios Hospital

A prom is one of the most unforgettable events in any teen’s life. We go through different strains to make it as close to perfect as possible. I thought my time to stress over a perfect prom day would never come when I was diagnosed with cancer. Had it not been for the JDCH Peds Hem/ Onc staff and crew from the Unforgettable Prom, I would have never gotten the chance to visit Becca’s Closet and choose any dress I want to wear. I would have never reunited with an old friend who decided to use me on my Unforgettable Prom experience for her senior project. I got a taste of the glamorous life and I even got my very own paparazzi to film me. The night was filled with so many high points in such a short amount of time, I felt like I was living a fantasy. Not only was I able to wear the most beautiful prom dress ever, I was given the opportunity to get my nails and make-up done for no charge at all. It was thrilling to arrive at The Ritz-Carlton Luxury Hotel, pulling up in a fancy limousine; I couldn’t believe it was me and my friends who were the treated like superstars. It felt like everything happened by fate because I could only fantasize about having such a golden experience, so it turns out fate has a way of making even the most fantastic notions and dreams realistic. The Unforgettable Prom truly lived up to it’s name.

Tiffany SamuelsProm attendee

What a great night. The kids had a blast and literally danced until they dropped. Thanks so much for doing this. It truly was a night to remember for all of us who were lucky to attend. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to see the kids at this event and see the joy and excitement it brought them. It is rare that they have the opportunity to attend an event like this that was truly all about them and celebrating them as opposed to just another fundraising event. Keep up the good work.

Michelle O’Boyle, PresidentKids Cancer Foundation in Wellington, FL

Wow, first of all I want to say that the unforgettable prom was truly amazing; I was not expecting it to be as good as it was. Walking down the red carpet, seeing all the people clapping and smiling for me, made me feel so important. I felt special and very well known. Waiting to actually get inside the ball room, to see how it looked felt like every minute was an hour, instead of 60 seconds. The professional pictures and the servers serving unlimited appetizers and soft drinks blew me away! I felt like I was at a celebrity’s party. OMG, then I finally got into the ball room and it knocked me off my feet, literally! Towards the end of the evening I noticed the photo booth and that awesome movie clip book studio. It was so incredible; I’ve never seen anything like that before. It was too irresistible to only do one. I loved taking pics with my Joe D family; now I have pics so I can never forget that night. I just think its so amazing how people took the time to make this happen for teens who can’t go to their own prom or maybe even just because they have cancer so they can really enjoy themselves for at least one night. It got my mind off of all kinds of problems I’ve been facing for the past 10 months. Thanks Unforgettable Prom!

Deana MedinaProm attendee

Oh behalf of the patients and chaperones from the University of Miami (Alex’s Place)/ Holtz Children’s Hospital group, we would like to thank you for the amazing night to remember at Prom. The entire night was magical – from the first moments stepping onto the party bus, walking the red carpet with beauty queens and athletes, amazing entertainment, dancing the night away, and making Flip Books and taking pictures in an awesome car photo booth. The kids had such a great time! This prom is more than just a fun night for these kids – it is a chance for them to not just feel normal – but also feel special. Seeing patients from all the hospitals dressed up looking so beautiful and handsome was incredible. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort that goes in to making such an amazing night happen. We are already looking forward to next year’s Prom!

Thank you again!

Jennifer Reichbach and the Entire University of Miami (Alex’s Place) / Holtz Children’s Hospital group

A Prom To Remember was really important to her when she was sick. The doctor’s “juggled” her chemo so that she wouldn’t be in the hospital. Emily would receive chemo for 3 weeks then have a week off, her doctor’s even made it so that her week off was the week of Prom. This event was something to look forward to, all the doctor’s and nurses would tell her about how wonderful it was. The first year, Emily did a lot of watching because she felt too horrible to do much more, but she loved the caricatures and just being out with people.

Peggy Thompson, mother of Emily ThompsonCleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital