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Brandon and Brittany at Prom

Just like all great things in this world,
it started with just an idea…

When I realized that many teens suffering from life-threatening illnesses miss out on many of their high school memories, a thought came to mind. What if I came up a special event for these kids that they will cherish forever? High School Prom is one of the big events of a teenager’s life, and had always meant a lot to me growing up, so what if we created this really cool prom for the kids? I bounced this idea off of several friends and people in the community; needless to say it gained momentum and my idea quickly became a reality.

At the beginning I figured we would invite all the cancer-patients in my local Fort Lauderdale area to this special Prom. Before long, I realized there are many other kids in the neighboring counties as well – I wanted to invite them all! With an entourage of community supporters rallying behind me, in 2009 we assembled more than just your usual Prom – we provided the ultimate prom experience for kids battling cancer. With that, A Prom To Remember was born and kids from all over South Florida were in attendance.

A Prom To Remember has quickly spread to other areas of the country, with Cleveland creating their first Prom in 2010. Other US cities will be launching events this upcoming year.

I am grateful for the support of our surrounding communities and hope to eventually provide A Prom To Remember for kids all across the country.


Brandon Opre
– Founder and President of The Unforgettable Prom Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 charity DBA “A Prom to Remember”

If this sounds like something that you would want to be a part of, please contact us.

Our mailing address is

1007 N. Federal Hwy. Suite 384, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Phone Numbers: 877-385-PROM, fax 877-897-4919

2016 A Prom To Remember – Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Brandon Opre – Founder/President
  • Travis Burton – Vice-President
  • Nectaria Chakas Alamo – Secretary
  • Erin O’Brien – Treasurer

Board Members

  • Patrick Daoud
  • Jarrod Baer
  • Kimberly Knausz
  • Jason Ksobiech
  • T.J. Sharpe
  • Jeff Bloom

501c3 Letter

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