“Prom Night”

There has always been something magical about Prom. It is one of the most memorable nights for many teens – getting dressed to the nines in glamorous gowns or trend-setting tuxedos, riding in limos, dancing the night away, and celebrating with friends. For teens with cancer, this special event is one they often miss. For this reason, The Unforgettable Prom Foundation was founded in 2009 to give teens with cancer A Prom To Remember, the ultimate Prom experience, and a night they will never forget.

Tere Quintana
– Mother of Prom attendee Alan

I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for all you do for our kids. This was a wonderful experience for Alan, one that he’ll remember always…and as my husband puts it, tell his grandkids about. He really had a great time…you guys do great work. As a Mom who saw her son going through this battle, I know I speak for all moms who have gone through this journey when I say that seeing the smiles and happiness on their faces is truly priceless and something to be cherished. Thanks again!

Deana Medina
– Prom attendee

I just think it’s so amazing how people took the time to make this happen for teens who can’t go to their own Prom because they have cancer, so they can really enjoy themselves for at least one night. It got my mind off of all kinds of problems I’ve been facing for the past ten months. Thank you for an unforgettable prom!

The Staff from the University of Miami
– Alex’s Place/Holtz Children’s Hospital Group

The entire night was magical – from the first moments stepping onto the party bus, walking the red carpet with beauty queens and athletes, amazing entertainment, dancing the night away… The kids had such a great time! This prom is more than just a fun night for these kids – it is a chance for them to not just feel normal - but also feel special. Seeing patients from all of the hospitals dressed up looking so beautiful and handsome was incredible. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort that goes into making such an amazing night happen.